Jeff Stebers SurRon Special
A deeper dive into a long list of expertly focussed tweaks.

In a recent AMA with Jeff Steber, founder of Intense Cycles, we spent some time digging deeper into the range of modifications he's made to his own SurRon, which started out like so many others, as a small, nimble, modestly powered moped. As a leading craftsman in the field of MTB manufacture, Jeff has an eye for detail and knows how to assemble a quality ride.

In standard trim, the SurRon can feel small and is equipped with chassis components that will be under-spec for higher performance demands, which is the space EBMX like to explore with our SurRonModShop and value-add manufacturing focus for niche markets that need the capability enhancement.

Some items you'll see on Jeff's bike are reasonably easy to obtain as off-the-shelf or second hand market options, others are a little more advanced, some have been supplied by EBMX. There are some elements you'll see here which may very well become product lines from us in future as part of our modkits, or have an equivalent from RaceSpecSurRon.

Here's the work he's done to transform this mild mannered moped into a singletrack weapon.

  • Footpeg swap-out to something more sturdy

  • Battery upgrade to 72V

  • KTM 65SX fender, fork, shock, seat

  • KTM Freeride shrouds, seat hinge for battery cover pivot

  • Swingarm + subframe modifications

  • Upgraded brakes, discs, hubs

  • 18"/21" tyre combination, running trials tyres

  • EBMX BAC8000 upgrade kit

Jeff Stebers SurRon Special
Quiet Rush P/L, Brian Hill 2 May, 2021
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